About Elektra Unie

Our ambition is to be climate neutral. To achieve this, we invest in energy storage capabilities and well-thought-out energy solutions for consumers and businesses.

About us

Elektra Unie installatie B.V. 

| Chamber of Commerce: 88503119


Elektra Unie B.V. 

| Chamber of Commerce: 89427033


Elektra Unie Holding B.V. 

| Chamber of Commerce: 89418751

Elektra Unie is an energy company active in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Introducing the world to sustainable energy at a low price.


To give customers the best solar panel installation for the lowest price.

Our solar panels

Category: Comfort
Brand: Ja Solar
Type: Full black

Category: Premium
Brand: Bob glas-folie
Type: Full black

Category: Premium +
Brand: Bob Glas-glas
Type: Full black

Working at Elektra Unie

Make our goal your mission