Subsidies for solar panels

Solar panels are a smart investment. With solar panels, you ensure a considerable saving on your energy bill. There is no national subsidy for the purchase of solar panels, but some municipalities or provinces offer a subsidy for installing solar panels on your roof. Some schemes make buying solar panels attractive.

The Dutch government or subsidies through the municipality and province

The Dutch government provides subsidies for various energy-saving measures. It is smart to keep an eye on your municipality’s website and the central government’s. You can also see via which subsidy(s) you are eligible for when making your home energy efficient.

A municipality or province regularly has schemes to purchase solar panels at an affordable price. Often in the form of a low-interest rate or a one-off fee loan.

Energy savings loan

As a homeowner, you can often easily take out an Energy Savings Loan. This is a loan with particularly favorable conditions. With the money from the loan, you buy solar panels. This can be an option if you want solar panels but do not have the financial means (entirely).

For solar panels, a maximum of 75% of the loan amount may be spent on solar panels, and the remaining 25% should be spent on other energy-saving measures. In addition to solar panels, you can think of insulation, a heat pump, or an HR boiler.