Wholesale trade in

sustainable energy products.

The one-stop shop for installers.

Elektra Unie is characterized by an extensive range of energy products, excellent service, and fast delivery. As a wholesaler, we ensure that the installer can concentrate on his work and does not have to worry about the quality of the products or the timely delivery.

The right products at the best prices.

Elektra Unie distributes various types of solar panels, including Mono solar panels, All Black solar panels, Glass glass solar panels, and Bifacial solar panels. At Elektra Unie, always the latest models with the latest techniques available.

Elektra Unie also supplies mounting materials for every conceivable solar project, ranging from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial projects. We offer a suitable solution for every situation.

All types of panels are available per pallet and in bulk.

Elektra Unie is happy to help switch to a cleaner and more sustainable life. We always deliver a tailor-made solution. The market of solar panels is constantly developing; at Elektra Unie, you can expect the latest models with the latest techniques.

More smart energy products

The inverter provides usable energy.

Halve gas consumption with a solar water heater.

Charging solutions for electric cars.

Use less gas with a hybrid heat pump.