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Elektra Unie’s product line for solar panels offers A-brands and guarantees the most powerful residential solar panels on the market.

The benefits

Many customers have noticed the benefits of solar panels:
  • Lower energy bill: Generate electricity from your own roof with solar panels and save a lot on your energy bill every month.
  • Higher home value: : The value of your home goes up with solar panels. The greener your energy label, the higher the value of your home.
  • Convenient investment: : Solar panels are a top investment with a high return. Solar panels have a long lifespan, and you earn back within a few years.

Into the future without worries.

25-year warranty on product and performance

Elektra Unie always gives you a long warranty on your solar panels. You get up to 25 years product warranty on your solar panels and inverter and a 25-year warranty on the performance of your solar panels. Here, you have come to the right place.

Solar panels of the highest quality

Brand: Ja Solar

Type: Full black
Type: Full black
Capacity: 395 Wp
Color solar panels: Black
Bezel color: Black
Product warranty: 15 years
Performance guarantee: 84.8% in 25 years Comfort


Brand: Bob

Type: Full black glass-foil
Capacity: 410 Wp
Color solar panels: Black
Bezel color: Black
Product warranty: 25 years
Performance guarantee: 95.2% in 25 years
Number of cells: 108


Brand: Bob

Type: Full black Glass-glass
Transparent: Yes
Capacity: 430 Wp
Color solar panels: Black
Bezel color: Black
Product warranty: 30 years
Performance guarantee: 94.8% in 30 years
Premium +

Premium +

How much can you save with a hybrid heat pump?

Consume up to 70% less gas. With a hybrid heat pump you heat your home both now and in the future. Gas is becoming increasingly expensive and causes CO₂ emissions. That is why the government encourages you to heat your home with a heat pump by offering subsidies.

Good to know

More smart energy products

The inverter provides usable energy.

An inverter ensures that the direct current generated by the solar panels is converted into alternating current. All equipment at home works on 230 volts alternating current and with the inverter it becomes possible to use the generated electricity.

With a solar water heater you halve your gas consumption for hot water.

Our solar water heaters are installations that use solar energy to heat up water. When heating water with our solar water heaters, there are no CO2 emissions. With a solar water heater you can save a lot on your energy consumption.

Charging solutions for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Our charging solutions are compatible with all car makes and models. Increasingly, charging stations for cars are being integrated into an existing system of solar panels, so that the car's battery can be charged with solar energy.

Directly to

We supply A-brands compatible with all car makes and models.

Choose security and guarantees. InstallQ is the accreditation in our field.

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